At 9.00               Children´s Matiné Presented by the City of Helsinki
At 11.00             International Grand Prix Freestyle Dressage Final Presented by LähiTapiola
At 12.45             Dressage Mini Clinic Presented by Westerback
At 13.10             Lusitano Show
At 14.30             Land Rover Helsinki Grand Prix 160 cm
At 17.25             International Accumulator Presented by PwC 140 cm
At 19.00             International Helsinki Classics 150 cm
At 21.45             Small Tour Dressage Final Presented by LähiTapiola
At 22.25             Mini Clinic: Dressage with Finnhorses by Mikaela Fabricius-Bjerre
At 22.45             Lusitano Show

Please note that the times can change!