Photo Sonja Holma

We have great news for our fans! Swedish top rider Jens Fredricson will compete in Helsinki Horse Show this October. Additionally he will judge young horses on Thursday along with Noora Pentti and conduct the Jumping Clinic on Sunday. More about Jens in the interview below.

Due to your extensive knowledge of horses and equestrian sport, you are referred to as Professor Fredricson. Where does your great interest in the theory and history of equestrianism stem from?
My great interest has come from my father since childhood and growing up in Flyinge. We’ve always talked about horses and riding. Even now, we discuss riding, breeding, riding techniques, and so on. Later in life, I became close friends with Anders Lindgren. He kindly shared his solid knowledge of horses with me through teaching and discussions before his passing. I am especially grateful to him for that. I like to think he sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear when I ride.

How much has your family, especially your father Ingvar and your brother Peder, influenced you?
Horses and riding is a central topic in our conversations, and it has always been that way.

You hold many clinics and courses all over. How many do you hold annually, for example, this year?
I usually hold one clinic per month and teach daily. Right now, I’m focusing on my sports career, which means I’m riding and training more myself.

What has influenced you the most during your sporting career?
The key to development has been in failures; when things haven’t gone as planned. I’ve seen them as starting points for figuring out how to reach my goals.

What are your goals this year regarding the Olympics, the Nations Cup, and the autumn World Cup series?
I’m aiming to the Olympics with Catch Me Not S, who seems to be in good shape now. We also have Nations Cup legs in Rome, La Baule, and Rotterdam ahead of us. The fantastic Helsinki Horse Show is in our plans too.

What are your expectations for the Helsinki Horse Show?
It would be nice to win the World Cup class.

Jens’s father, Professor Ingvar Fredricson, is Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He has focused for eight decades on researching and improving the well-being, health, endurance, and performance of horses. Brother Peder is a top rider, being a multiple Olympic medalist.