Today, March 18, we focus on recycling and its significance for our environment. Recyclable materials should be seen as a continuously renewable resource available for reuse.

Helsinki Horse Show’s Jumps Green environmental program specifically addressed waste recycling and utilization during the 2023 Horse Show, achieving a record-high recycling rate thanks to the efficient Jumps Green team and partners.

Waste management during the event was handled in collaboration with Kuljetusrinki Oy. Customized collection solutions tailored to the Horse Show’s needs ensured sorting efficiency and cost optimization. Waste materials were processed at Kuljetusrinki’s recycling facility using advanced artificial intelligence. After processing, the materials were redirected for reuse in domestic industries or energy production.

“Environmental values are crucial for us, reflected in our ISO 14001 environmental certification. Our commitment includes the opening of Finland’s most modern AI-equipped recycling facility in Helsinki’s Tattarisuo during the summer of 2023. This facility allows optimal sorting and recycling of waste materials generated by our customers”, states the Sales Director Tommi Aro from Kuljetusrinki Oy.

HorsEco took care of recycling and processing horse manure. To delve into the manure handling process, we interviewed CEO Marko Saukko.

“Manure handling involved loading it onto swap containers at the site, which were then delivered to our processing facility. At the facility, manure is stacked in piles, occasionally turned to facilitate decomposition. The screened manure, enriched with sand, becomes, for example, turf soil”, says Marko Saukko. “Our facility has large asphalted areas for manure processing, and all rainwater is collected in a containment basin, pumped into the municipal sewer system”.

HorsEco prioritizes environmentally friendly operations, using low-emission machinery and incorporating recycled mulch on our construction sites, aiming for ecological and environmentally friendly practices