Photo Tuija Järvinen

Helsinki Horse Show is one of 14 Western European World Cup events that has received a new four year agreement from the FEI Board.

“This is really great news”, Event Director Tom Gordin states. “ We have run the prestigious World Cup in Helsinki ever since 1986. The whole “heart and soul” of the Helsinki Horse Show event lies in the Longines FEI World Cup™”.

“We are extremely grateful to have the Top Riders of the international jumping circuit in Helsinki every October. It’s the only opportunity for the huge crowd of 50 000 visitors to meet the champions live.”

Helsinki has always put strong effort in the quality of the event. The footing, the jumping courses, the fence material – all high priority conditions appreciated by the riders – and horses. Helsinki keeps a high 90 % out of 100 % level in the FEI Event Classification System.

“We appreciate to have the trust from the FEI Board – looking forward for numerous more CSI5*-W Helsinki events in the years to come” Tom Gordin summarizes.

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