Year 2020 has been for Helsinki Horse Show, as for many other event organizers, a most unusual year. We asked Event Director Tom Gordin the latest news and updates.

How has Helsinki Horse Show coped with its first gap year ever?

Surprisingly well. The biggest challenge was the substantial operating loss. We could predict this already in the spring and the financial support from different sources has helped. We were one of the first events to withdraw and in the end the whole World Cup series 2020 – 2021 was cancelled.

What does 2021 look like?

We decided to move the program of 2020 as such to the following year, so no big changes there.  At present the most important task is to ensure sponsors for the coming years. Almost all old partners continue with us and we have, to our great delight, signed a couple of new sponsorship deals.

When will ticket sales continue?

There is no hurry to start ticket sales quite yet, since we sold very well to our 2020 event. However ticket sales will start lates in August.

Do possible restrictions affect your event?

Yes, certainly, as everything in the society. We are following carefully how the situation in the spring and summer progresses.  Luckily there are many big events before Helsinki Horse Show, which give us important information and experience.

What do the international riders and FEI expect?

FEI and the riders are craving to get back to normal. FEI needs its series and the riders want to compete, especially on the 5* level again.