Groom Heidi Mulari has turned a new page in her life. After 20 years abroad, she has returned to Finland. Her last job abroad was a real dream job as a Stable Manager at one of the world’s best riders, Steve Guerdat.

Heidi Mulari & Maserati

Heidi Mulari & Maserati

Mulari followed young Guerdat from Stall Tops to Switzerland at an early stage of Guerdat’s career. Since then, Steve Guerdat has won Olympic gold, three World Cup finals and has been at the top for a very long time. Mulari and Guerdat ended up working 17 years together.

“One of my best memories is when Steve got Jalisca and they won the World Cup at Geneva. That’s where is all started” says Mulari.

Heidi has fond memories of Jalisca. Besides it’s jumping capacity, it was a kind and nice mare, that appreciated care and attention. Top horses have often strong characters and one has to find a way to work with them. Both Guerdat and Mulari liked the horses exactly that way.

A good groom is dedicated and commited and the job includes a lot of responsibility.

”I have always wanted to work with horses, although the work is extermely fysical and underpaid. But I have found friends for life. I have been to different countries and places, which I wouldn’t have otherwise visited. And it’s a great feeling, when a horse wins and you are part of the winning team,” concludes Mulari