Helsinki International Horse Show has followed a sustainability program since 2017. Thanks to Fortum HorsePower concept all power and electricity of the event is produced 100 % of horse manure. All horse manure from the Horse Show is transported to a near by power plant where it is turned into energy. This year the Horse Show Jumps Green theme is Zero Wate. We are commited to reduce and recycle waste, we choose mainly only eco-friendly materials and we work for green transport choices.

We invite all riders and grooms to take part in our project.

Refill coffee cups

All grooms will be donated a refill coffee cup. Please feel free to use them at the crew catering instead of the disposable cups. Tap water is safe to drink in Finland. Finnish tap water is fresh and healthy – its quality is among the highest in the world.

Bicycles from hotel to areena

You will also find some bicycles at Hotel Scandic Parc at your disposal. The bicycle ride from the hotel to the venue is 1.5 km and takes approx. 5 minutes. Instead of a shuttle service ride we invite you to take a lovely bicycle ride in fresh air in beautiful Helsinki.


Please notice, that there are waste bins around the venue, stables and horse truck parking area. Some of the bins are for recylcling organic waste, paper, cardboard and plastic. Please help us keep the area clean!