Helsinki International Horse Show took a big step towards an environmental friendly event in 2017 by introducing the Fortum HorsePower concept. All manure from the stable area was delivered to a nearby power plant where the manure was turned into energy. All energy used during the event was thus produced by horse manure.

In 2018 Helsinki Horse Show will expand it’s sustainability efforts. In addition to the seminal HorsePower concept all stakeholders of the Horse Show will take part in the sustainability program and we will

  • commit to promote environmental sustainability
  • recognise our own possibility to influence
  • save water and energy
  • reduce waste
  • recycle and sort
  • pay attention to sustainability in acquisitions
  • promote sustainable mobility

Initiatives implimented in 2018

  • Increase digital solutions – reduce use of paper
  • Reduce printed materials
  • Favour eco-friendly materials and sustainable products
  • Recycle paper, organic waste, plastic, cardboard, special waste
  • Reuse and donate materials
  • Decomposable plates in crew catering – 500 crew members eat 3 meals per day for 1 week
  • Reduce use of bottled water – distribute sustainable bottles to riders and crew – Finnish tap water is of highest quality
  • Favour local food ingredients
  • Bicycles partly replace shuttle service between hotel and venue