Guilherme Jorge / Kuva Tuija Järvinen

Guilherme Jorge is one of the leading International Course Designers worldwide. He has also been a regular CD of the CSI5*-W Helsinki.

We managed to have some short comments from Jorge in front of the Helsinki event:


  1. What plans do you have in mind for Helsinki WC Course?
    As usual this competition attracts some of the best horse/rider combination in the World.The goal is to get the best one on top without asking too much from the horses. At a top-level competition like this, it is always a fine line between a course that is too difficult than one that is not difficult enough, so I always start very early working on this course plan and 2023 is no different.
  1. Give us three main points on the qualities demanded to win?
    Focus – both from rider and horse ; precision ; and scope/carefulness from the horse.

Johanna Mikkola & Guilherme Jorge / Kuva Satu Pirinen

  1. Are you please with conditions in Helsinki , specially footing , fence and over all set up?
    The conditions of HIHS have greatly improved over the years, and we have excellent footing! A beautiful and appropriate set of jumps prepared and pristinely maintained by Hanna-Maija Lahtinen and Veera Korhonen. And a great team of assistants and jump crew led by Finnish Course Designer Johanna Mikkola, so yes, I am very pleased with the over-all set up!