With only 12 weeks to the 35th Helsinki International Horse Show, the preparations are in full force. The Finnish five star World Cup Event is a proud member of the Western European League of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™. The Finnish audience loves to see the several top names of the Longines Ranking list in Helsinki – It’s a yearly treat for them.

Our main competitions last year, the Land Rover Grand Prix and the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™, reached and amazing 98 % from the visitors when asking ”Did you like the event?”. We all who watched the competitions, and especially the jump offs, agree that we experienced ultimate top sport in Helsinki, Event Director Tom Gordin recalls.

Also the two main conditions, when it comes to riders and horses, the ground and the courses, scored very high in the FEI Classification System. The Helsinki organiser leans on high professionals in these important matters. Oliver Hoberg has been succesfully in charge of the ground in Helsinki for many years. Olympic course designer Guilherme Jorge has many times proved his amazing skills in Helsinki, with it’s challenging tight arena. Both experts will attend the October event also this year.

All World Cup Riders Qualified

Helsinki Horse Show invites a maximum of 40 international riders for the World Cup competition. The home riders of all levels have a chance to compete among the stars, in lower international and several national classes. Also the popular Amateur Tour invites the best qualified riders to join the action. International Dressage at 3 star level is an important part of the Horse Show. Especially the Kür and the divert Dressage Knock-Out attracts the spectators.

The price money in the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ competition has been raised up to 200 000 euros. By September 24 we will know the top stars attending Helsinki this year.