Helsinki Horse Show has signed two significant partner agreements.

WHG Equine Sport Performance is a newly established veterinary clinic, which will in the future take care of the welfare of the 400 horses competing at Helsinki Horse Show. The health of the horses is one of the highest priorities of the event. We welcome FEI veterinarians Mona Wendelin and Lotta Häyrinen as well as Giacomo Gangini in the Horse Show team.

Maybe a more unexpected new sponsor is Insinööriliitto, Union of Professional Engineers. The aim of the union, in collaboration with Horse Show, is to encourage women to study science. Less than 20 % of new engineering students are women. What could be a better place to reach young women than Helsinki Horse Show, where 80 % of spectators are female?

The sponsorship between the Union of Professional Engineers and Helsinki Horse Show drew the attention of Sponsorship and Event in Finland. They nominated the slightly surprising partnership ”Sponsorship of the Month” in February.