German Hannes Ahlmann on Diara took the victory in Stopteltat International 140 cm in Helsinki on Friday afternoon. Second place went to Norway and Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen on Ambrosio d’Alcy and third was Robert Whitaker and Vermento. The Englishman won the double in Helsinki in 2019, topping both Grand Prix and World Cup, and seems to now continue his great performances here after three years.

Hannes Ahlmann and Diara – photo Satu Pirinen

Susanna Granroth on L’Espoir van Dorperheide was the best Finnish rider placing fourth.

“This was a nice start for the week even though our performance today wasn’t the best possible. The arena here is rather small so the course is narrow and turns are tight but still, it was nice out there today. Couple of things to improve but overall I’m happy”, commented Granroth after their performance.

“It’s always great to come to Helsinki and get to compete against the world’s best. I hope we can continue the streak, but all the same, placing on this level is of course something to be happy about”, Granroth continued.

Susanna Granroth and L’Espoir van Dorperheide – photo Satu Pirinen

Stopteltat International jumping competition 140 cm, competition in two phases, Starts 42, placings 12

1) Hannes Ahlmann – Diara, GER 0/25.32
2) Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen – Ambrosio d’Alcy, NOR 0/25.83
3) Robert Whitaker – Vermento, GBR 0/27.41

Complete results: LINK