Multiple Champion rider, Peder Fredricson from Sweden, is the third top rider to join Helsinki Longines World Cup in October. Having been one of the ultimate super riders over the last years, Peder recovered from a severe fall in Stockholm in June.

“Due to my injury in June, I have to come back in the biggest division. I plan to do a full World Cup program with the focus on the Final in the spring. Helsinki suits perfectly in my program and I really like the show”, Peder Fredricson says.

“I plan to bring H&M Hansson to Helsinki. I heard my team mate Henrik von Eckermann and Suisse top rider Martin Fuchs already confirmed their participation in Helsinki. I really look forward to meeting them in the jump-offs, where they are extremely competetive, giving all”, Peder says.

Peder Fredricson is team or individual Olympic, World and European Champion and medalist since 2016.

Helsinki Horse Show is organised in the Helsinki Ice Hall on October 18 – 22.

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