Helsinki Horse Show has been moved to October 2022. We asked Event Director Tom Gordin where the popular Horse Show ”gallops” right now.

How do the plans look for 2022?

Right after the July cancellation we rapidly went into a ”2022 mood”. For the moment we up-date the autumn 2021 marketing and activity plans, and make the base for the ticket sales. Also, we have a serious look into the program and will make some interersting adjustements. We plan to organise a big promotion on our traditional Horse Show week 42 in October.

Is the up-coming Longines FEI World Cup Series running normally?

Fortunately it looks like the series will start and run normally. Of course each event must take into consideration the situation in each country respectively. Events might have to run with restrictions with regard to the visitors. We do wish good luck to all our colleague events in Europe

What will the ”new normal” mean for Helsinki Horse Show in the future?

Well, that remains to be seen of course. We are in the same situation as other big events in Finland and Europe. I do believe big events can be run well in the years to come. Whether new habits, rules and regulations will stay in force, it really remains to be seen. I’m confident we will adopt ourselves to the new circumstances, situations and habits.

When do you start the ticket sales for 2022?

We plan to launch the new 2022 program on October 20th. That will also be the day of starting the ticket sales 2022. We have already sold a great number of tickets to the Land Rover Grand Prix and the Longines FEI World Cup competitions – the top sports attracts indeed the Horse Show spectators!

We look very much forward on launching 2022 and focusing on another great edition of the popular CSI5*-W Helsinki event. Welcome in 2022 – October 19 – 23rd!