The image of 2020 has been designed by Eveliina Rautio, the AD of the event

My background is in event management. Helsinki Horse Show has always interested me professionally and I was very happy to join the Horse Show team. I inherited the grafic design work task from my predecessor, says Eveliina and continues: – I wanted the image of 2020 to reflect the feeling and values of the event. It should be modern, yet at the same time reflect the traditons of the event. Since the Equestrian Federation of Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary it was natural to choose a Finnish rider on the image. When I found the picture taken by Satu Pirinen on the Finnish top rider Emma Tallberg and her picturesque horse Dobbelt Quidam, I new immediately that I would start to work on the image based on that picture.

 The Event Director of Helsinki Horse Show Tom Gordin has seen during his career all the 35 images of the event.

It’s important, the the image carries throughout the year. The image should reflect the style of previous years and be recognisable. However, just as the event, it needs to renew in some extent and stay fresh. In my opinion Eveliina has succeded with this years image very well.