Ladies Night


Porsche Horse Show organized Ladies Night for the first time in 2015 and it was instantly a great success. This year we are happy to invite horse fans again to enjoy the great atmosphere of Brewer Street on Friday and Saturday evenings. More information on the program coming soon!


Year after year horse fans cheer our international and national riders toward top performances. For the first time Porsche Horse Show offers our female audience the possibility to enjoy some extra luxury in the company of many well-known and famous performers, quality products, cosmetics and some tasty bubbly drinks.

Love Doctor Emilia Vuorisalmi talks about love, relationships and hormones. Famous champagne connoisseur Essi Avellan tells us how and why she fell in love with champagne as a drink in the first place and how it all links to polo as a sport. Swimmer Emilia Pikkarainen will also be present to tell how she combines top sports and riding.

Both evenings will be hosted by fantastic Katja Ståhl and Joe Blasco will do you a quick make-up.

The importance of a well-balanced musculature will be discussed with riding school Equstom. Sport Psychologist Anna Andersén will also be available to answer any questions you have regarding mental training and coaching.

Present will also be a nutritional coach, La Clinique Diana and Bemer products that heal the micro blood circulation. 

At the Taittinger champagne bar you can relax in good company.  

You can also test your ice hockey skills with Finnish top ice hockey players. Are you able to hit in three balls out of five?


Friday 23.10. from 5pm to 9pm / Stage program from 6pm to 7pm

Saturday 24.10. from 5pm to 9pm / Stage program from 7pm to 8pm

Ladies Night is an open event for everyone with a ticket to Porsche Horse Show on Friday and/or Saturday.